Did NASA dim it’s own live feed from the space station?

Did NASA dim it’s own live feed from the space station to cover up a strange object that appears to be hovering over the earth? The image below was clipped from live footage that also appears below. There is definitely an object that can bee seen moving along a path. But what exactly is it?

NASA or UFOs Itself Have Dimmed the Footage After International Space Station Captured the Bizare Megaship Object
UFO hunters and Conspiracy theorists claimed that NASA has adjusted the images of a “megaship” caught on video by cameras aboard the ISS. Prompting to dim the live feed so the strange objects disappear and could no longer be seen. Reports have escalated …
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NASA Hiding Evidence of UFO’s

The extent to which NASA is concealing information about the existence of aliens and ufo’s has been the subject of great debate for some time and will continue to be for years to come.

Watch this compiled list of NASA released footage of strange sightings and encounters from famous missions such as Apollo 16, Gemini, and ISS.