1967 Falcon Lake Incident Coin by Canadian Mint

One of the most famous Canadian UFO Sightings is being commemorated in a new $20 Canadian coin.  The Canadian Mint is issuing a coin to honor the 1967 Falcon Lake Incident.  Of course the coin will have Queen Elizabeth II one one side and Stefan Michalak on the other.

In May of 1967 Stefan Michalak  was prospecting near Falcon Lake woods in Manitoba when he encountered two cigar-shaped objects with a reddish glow. One of the objects hovered and even opened up a hatch to reveal a bright light. Michalak stated that he heard voices and called out in a number of languages to no avail. As the object tried to leave he reached out to touch it but was burned in the process and became ill. The most notable part of the story is the burn marks that he received on his body as result of the incident. An investigation into the incident by a number of Canadian government officials and The US Air Force leave the case as unexplained.