Time Anomaly in Las Vegas Desert

A time anomaly has been detected in the Las Vegas Desert. The original reports are referring to the time anomaly as  “time warp”.  The spot in question is just north of the city of Las Vegas  between I-15 and Route 93.

Time Anomaly in Las Vegas Desert

Joshua Warren is a paranormal researcher and has been measuring the rate of time in various areas around the Las Vegas desert. He has been working between the city and Area 51.  Last week he noticed a time anomaly.

He has been using a DT Meter which is a differential time rate meter. It is a sensor on a 100 ft cable that sends a signal back to the main. The rate of time for the signal to travel should be consistent. However, he found a place which he recorded a 20 microseconds difference.

A fluctuation in time should not happen and this leads him to wonder what is causing this. It is especially interesting when you consider that it is occurring in an area that is a popular UFO hot spot.

FOX5 Vegas – KVVU

The Mothman of Point Pleasant

One of the more popular unexplained mysteries of the modern era is The Mothman of Point Pleasant. The Mothman is a creature which was reported in Point Pleasant, West Virginia during the 1960’s. The Legend has been popularized in a number of books, movies and documentaries.

The Mothman of Point Pleasant Sightings

The first sighting of The Mothman occurred in 1966. A group of men who were digging a grave reported seeing a winged man type creature flying over the trees.  Shortly after the initial sighting a number of other sightings were reported. This would include a younger couple reporting seeing a creature with red eyes and wings. The creature was said to fly and follow their car as they drove. This occurred near an abandoned TNT factory. This led many to believe the creature was living in the abandoned factory and tunnels underneath.  Two volunteer fireman also reported seeing a large bird like creature with red eyes.

Silver Bridge Collapse

In 1967 The Silver Bridge collapsed over the Ohio River. The accident caused the death of 46 people. Some local residents began to associate the sighting of the creature as a bad omen, only appearing before a catastrophe. Others thought the creature was warning of the bridge collapse as sightings waned after the collapse.

2016 Sighting

On 20 November 2016 an unidentified man claimed to photograph The Mothman, He submitted a grainy photo to a local news station. The photo showed what appears to be a winged man flying above the tree line.

Mothman of Point Pleasant Sightings



The Dancing Plague of 1518

Dancing Plague of 1518

The dancing plague of 1518 occurred in  Strasbourg, Alsace which today is in the Eastern part of France. Roughly 400 people took to dancing for days without interruption or rest and this resulted in some of them dying from exhaustion and heart attacks.

The “mania” as it is sometimes referred to started with one person thought to be an adult lady who danced in the street for hours or possibly days on end. Others began to join her until there were some 400 people dancing. Some to their death.

Physicians of the day could not explain what was causing the group to dance. Instead of stopping people from dancing they formulated the idea that people to dance the illness out of them and actually promoted the idea of continuing to dance until they were cured.

Modern theories believe that it could have been caused by an LSD related fungus that grows on rye. The fungus ergot when consumed in the bread made from the contaminated rye could cause delusional behavior.

Other believe that it was a mass psychosis brought on from stress related to superstitions. People when living in a close society or group may start to exhibit the same ticks or actions brought on from stress or from superstitious notions.

Large Beast Terrorizing Argentinian Neighborhood

A mysterious beast that resembles a dog has been reported terrorizing an Argentinian Neighborhood.  A resident has claimed that the beast is responsible for attacking and killing two dogs. A pit bull and german shepherd who are no slouches themselves in the dog world.

There are reports that the beast is a tall as 7 feet with some saying it resembles a horse. Some locals believe that it could be a chupacabra, a legendary creature known for drinking the blood of livestock and other animals. So far only one photo has surfaced.


Ancient Tree Stump on Mars

Is there an ancient tree stump on Mars? The photo below certainly suggests so.  The image was taken by the NASA  Curiosity rover on March 25th.  A large number of people commenting on social media point out that the object is just a rock formation. Others point out that NASA themselves have theorized that there is a possibility of water on Mars and this could lead to plant life.

Mysterious Crop Circles Appear in Argentina

A strange set of crop circles have turned  up recently in Argentina. The circles turned up over night in the town of Carmen de Areco. There are 15 circles in total and all appear to be the same size. The Mayor has enlisted the help of Argentina’s UFO Study Commission which is a division of their air force. Samples have been taken but no word yet.



New Evidence in Case of D.B. Cooper

A group of scientists that were hired by the FBI to look into the mysterious case of D.B. Cooper believe they have uncovered new evidence. The believe that he may have had connections to the aerospace industry.

The group has found particles left behind on his clip on tie that include cerium, strontium sulfide and pure titanium. These elements were not widely used in 1971 which the time of Cooper’s famous jump from an airplane.

These elements were used though in the 1960’s and 1970’s by Boeing’s high-tech supersonic transport plane which was being developed during this same time period.

So was DB Cooper a Boeing employee or a contractor? That would explain how these rare elements were found on his tie. The group is also asking for further help from the public if they have further knowledge of those specific elements. They may have another use or be associated with each other for another process or in another environment.

The Isdal Woman Mystery

On November 29th, 1970 the burned remains of a woman were found in a forest located in the Isdalen Valley in Bergen, Norway. The discovery has set of one of the strangest unsolved mysteries not only in the history of Norway but the rest of the world as well.

Along with the corpse a number of strange items were found including pink sleeping pills native to Norway, a packed lunch, an empty quart bottle of  liquor, two plastic bottles that smelled of gasoline and a silver spoon with the monogram filed off as well as a burned passport.

It is important to note that all evidence at the scene had been cleaned of any hints to the woman’s identity such as her fingerprints being sanded off.

Authorities also found two suitcases belonging to the woman at a local train station. The suitcases revealed German and Norwegian currency, clothing with the labels removed, a drug prescription with no doctors name, more silver spoons and cryptic journal entries that appeared to be written in code. There was also what was described as an unusual Italian dress.

Police found further information regarding the strange lady such as she had been checking in and out of local hotels using at least 8 false identities and passports. Hotels at the time required a persons full information including passport information. The false identities were also found at hotels in Paris, Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim.

The suitcase also revealed a number of wigs and other equipment to change her identity.

A pair of boots were also found and tracked down the store they were purchased at. The store owner states the woman asked lots of questions and smelt of garlic which was odd.

The strange code was eventually cracked and turned out to be a journal of the places she had stayed at and for long she stayed there.

The woman also had crowns in her teeth that were not from any Scandinavian country but that of the Orient and other parts of Europe.

When a sketch was released a person came forward stating that he saw the woman on the hiking trail being followed by two foreign men in dark suits.

Was she a spy? Is this the reason why things were not fully publicized?

At this time she is still a mystery. A number of tests are being done to analyse her handwriting and teeth. The results will be published in the New Year.

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Sheep Massacre in New Zealand

A farmer in North Otago in New Zealand is looking for answers in the shocking death of over 200 sheep found on his farm. The sheep have been found with shattered skulls and located at the bottom of a limestone rock. The farmer first discovered 111 sheep that were killed and then reports state that he came across another 80 dead sheep.

At first it was thought that dogs were responsible for the mass slaughter but once source states that the sheep had been shot. Two dogs were found in proximity of the farm but neither had any blood on them.

It was also thought that they were all shot but no bullets have been found and there were no sounds of gun fire heard over the nights the killing took place. It could be that a suppressed weapon was used but that would not explain missing bullets or evidence of gunshots.

Could somebody have taken a hammer or blunt object and murdered these sheep? It’s not out of the realm of possibility but what would the motive be? The farmer states he has no employees or ex-employees that would be revengeful and can’t think of anybody that would carry this deed out.

Source – warning graphic photos

sheep photo

Photo by suzie-anne

Australia’s Grisly Gatton Murders

If you like a good unsolved mystery then the tail of the Gatton Murders of 1898 in Australia will be right up your alley. The murders can best be described as gruesome. A man and his two sisters were found violently murdered after not returning home from a dance. Their bludgeon bodies were discovered a short time later and the murders remain unsolved.

The Unsolved Mystery of Australia’s Grisly Gatton Murders
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Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons