UFO Spotted Hovering Over Statue of Liberty

What is this strange black object hovering over the Statue of Liberty in New York? The video was posted on Dec. 10th, 2014 and is roughly a minute in length. The video was taken by Scott Kensington and his wife as they visited the Statue. It shows a black circular object hovering around the Statue of Liberty before it stops and hovers in place.


My wife and sister filmed this UFO while visiting New York City this week. Sorry for the shaking. She said she was freezing from holding the camera for so long with no gloves. She said at first she thought it was a balloon but it stopped all of a sudden and stayed in one place for a while. She also ran out of disc space hence why the footage suddenly stopped. What the hell was this guys. Please tell me someone else got this on video to.

One plausible explanation being presented is that the object is a solar balloon. A solar balloon uses the heat of the sun to warm the air inside of them which causes them to rise. The balloon’s are painted black to attract the heat. This doesn’t however explain how the object moves from side to side and then hovers in one spot.