Lee County Lizard Man Reappears

The famous Lee County Lizard Man has resurfaced this week with two whiteness stating that they have seen the green monster in Bishop County. The first report included a video and the 2nd a photo from a person named Sarah. She contacted news sources saying she saw the creature on her way to church.

Lizard Man

FOX Carolina 21

For those not familiar, the Lizard Man is said to live in the swamps of Lee County, South Carolina. The Lizard is reported to be 7 ft tall with scaly skin and have three fingers on each hand, three toes and a tail. The first sighting goes back to 1988. You can read more at Wiki.


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Ghost Hunters Find Body At Abandoned Hospital

Two ghost hunters in Vicksburg, Mississippi got a little more than what they bargained for when doing some ghost finding at an abandoned hospital. Instead of finding a ghost they stumbled upon a murder scene.

Following a trail of blood the found the body of 69-year-old Sharon Wilson outside the hospital near a walking trail. An autopsy would determine that she died from a blow to the head. Akeem McCloud, 20, and Rafael McCloud, 33 were found nearby with her stolen car.

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Is Loch Ness Monster a Catfish?

Is the Loch Ness Monster a Catfish? That is what one researcher is now stating after devoting a good piece of his time to finding the elusive Nessie. Steve Feltham has spent 25 years chasing after the Loch Ness Monster and at the end of it all he believes that she nothing more than a wels catfish.

The wels catfish is know to grow a big as 16 feet and weigh up to 600 pounds. This would certainly put it in the size and weight class of the Loch Ness Monster. The wel catfish is seen more in Italy or Spain but are seen around the world. Skeptics state that this doesn’t account for the elongated neck that we see in the famous photos.

Here is a rendition of the Loch Ness Monster and a giant catfish. You be the judge.

loch ness monster photo

Photo by Liz Nemmers

big catfish photo

Photo by Ole Petter

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10 Horrifying Ghost Stories

The area of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne is no stranger to ghost stories. There are lots of local legends and tales of ghost stories and sightings in the region. These include The Spirit Of The Old George Inn and The Ghost Of Tyne Tees Television. The following linked article details 10 ghost stories that you will love.

10 Horrifying Ghost Stories That Happened In Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

Castle Keep is undoubtedly the most notorious haven for paranormal enthusiasts and a no-fly zone for folk whose heart would explode out of their chest at the mere creak of a floor board, but Newcastle has proven a rich source of terrifying ghost tales …
Read more on WhatCulture

ghost photo


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Staff of Hotel in Florida Logs UFO Sightings

A hotel in Florida has been so buys with guests reporting UFO sightings that the staff there have begun keeping a log of all of the reports. Guests at the Ocean Sands Beach Inn Coastal Highway, Florida have reported seeing strange lights in the sky that appear to move in a controlled manner. It’s this fact that has them ruling out Chinese Lanterns.

This is one of the items that was photographed.



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Pickwick Poltergeist Property for Rent

If you are interested in living with a ghost that has been described as “violent” in nature then there is something for you in Liverpool, England. The property known for the Pickwick Poltergeist is currently up for rent. Although other sources state it is for sale but maybe we are getting our lingo crossed.

The “significant paranormal activity” that former residents of the Pickwick Poltergeist house have experienced are believed to go back to the 1800s, with decades of reports of ghosts and hauntings, accompanied by the often violent nature of the poltergeist or ghost. mRead more on Inquisitr

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Top States with Highest Reported UFO Sightings

Good Morning America ran a segment earlier this month regarding ufo sightings in America. They detailed the Top 10 States by number with reported ufo sightings. They also listed the place and the date where the last sighting was in that state.

The top three states with reported UFO sightings were California (11,202),  Florida (5,113) and Washington (5,004). Each state also reported a sighting in March of this year. The article is from earlier in April so we can just guess there have been reported sightings in April as well. You can read the blurb for each sate at the source.

ABC Breaking US News | US News Videos

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Map of UFO Sightings Since 1933

Digital cartographer Levi Pearson has taken sightings information from the National UFO Reporting Center and placed it all together into the map you see below.

The map does, however, represent a great use of location-based data – and CartoDB. And it provides a nice snapshot of where and when sightings have surged and dipped over nearly 100 years, as Pearson noted in his blog post:

The first thing that jumped out was the increase in sightings during the 1950s and 1960s. It turns out that the CIA’s U2 program may be responsible for several of these report. In late 2014 the CIA took to Twitter to take credit for nearly HALF of the UFO reporting in the 1950s. – Source

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Strange Asphalt Gray Creature Reported in Ohio

A resident of Mufon, Ohio reported back in December of 2014 of a strange creature that darted in front of his car on a dark road near Highland County.

The witness describes the creature as being 7′ tall with gray colored skin, muscular legs with knees that appeared to be backwards and no arms. The creature appeared to be leaned forwards as it ran into the woods. The witness sketched the creature when he arrived home.

From Highland County Press

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Six spookiest UFO sightings and alien abductions in Scotland

If you have an interest in alien abductions and ufo sightings we have dug up an article that should interest you. It details six unique and spooky ufo sightings and alien abduction stories that have occurred in Scotland. It goes over such stories as the A70 Abduction and the Robert Taylor Sighting. It’s a good read if you are interested in ufo’s in Scotland.

Six spookiest UFO sightings and alien abductions ever reported in Scotland
Last week an incident above Loch Lomond was added to the long list of reported UFO sightings above Scotland. The Loch Lomond sighting was slightly further north of the hotbed of Scottish UFO sightings said to take place in the ‘Falkirk Triangle’. The …
Read more on Aberdeen Press and Journal

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