Ghost Hunter Stabs Himself at Villisca Ax Murder House

The owner of the famous Villisca Ax Murder House was left stunned after hearing that a paranormal investigator has stabbed himself while staying the night at the house. Martha Linn, 77, of Corning, Iowa states that nothing like this has ever happened before. Linn has reported that they have two tour guides that handle the overnight stays in the house and there has never been any incidents up until now. Authorities are still investigating.

The Villisca Axe Murders happened on June 9, 1912 in  Villisca, Iowa. Six members of the Moore family and two house guests were bludgeoned to death with an axe. The victims include six children.  The crime remains unsolved.

Villisca Ax Murder House

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Green Object in Sky Reported in Numerous States

A mysterious green object in the sky was reported in numerous states last Monday evening. The green object was first reported across a number of states and later in the Chicago area. Explanations from officials explain that it could be space junk or a comet.

Green UFOs In the Sky? Multiple Sightings of Bright Green Objects Were 
Multiple strange objects were spotted in the sky on Monday, reported by witnesses across the U.S. and even in Asia. On Monday night, more than 200 sightings of a bright greenish object in the sky were reported across 13 U.S. states and a similar object …
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UFO Spotted Near Eiffel Tower

A video shot near the Eiffel Tower in France this past October is making a buzz on you tube. Three friends captured the video which shows three UFO’s flying by the historic landmark. They appear to be floating before fading away.

UFO Sighting: UFOs Flies Close To The Eiffel Tower
Three UFOs were allegedly spotted by a group of friends in Paris, France. The UFOs seemed to be flying past the Eiffel Tower. A girl from the group of friends recorded the video and posted it on YouTube with the title “Paris France UFO October Night …
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Thoughts on Conspiracy History

The victors write the history books we all know that but this image I came across about conspiracy history is a real thought provoker. Think about how it applies to your own country.

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UFO Spotted Over the Skies of Portsmouth

UFO‘ spotted over the skies of Portsmouth

PEOPLE have spotted a strange flying object in the skies of Portsmouth and believe it could be a UFO.

A grey-spherical object has been seen floating around in the sky, and claims it could be a cloud, an airplane or a bird have been shot down by those that have seen it.

Johnny Blackwell, 23, of Trevor Road, Southsea, said: ‘I don’t believe in UFOs, but when I saw this I didn’t know what it was. ‘It didn’t look like a cloud, and it was moving very fast. ‘It was a grey, disc-like shape, which I know sounds like a …
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Picture by Lewis Rogers

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Man on Moon Spotted on Google Earth

A video went viral this week after a you-tuber found what appears to be an image of man on the moon which was spotted on Google Earth. The video link below shows how to get there using Google Earth where you can see the shadowy figure yourself.

It’s not the first time that strange objects have been spotted on the moon.  There was a tower like structure spotted on a 1967 NASA image known as The Shard. This figure is somewhat similar.

If you read through the comments on you-tube there is much speculation about what size this object could be or how big the shadow itself is. NASA has since responded saying the object is most likely a scratch on the negative of the photo used.

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Woman in Black Mystery

Recently a mysterious woman in black has been seen walking through several US States and it is causing an internet stir. The woman now identified as Elizabeth Poles, 56, of Motts, Alabama has made a trek from Alabama to Virginia shrouded in all black clothing.

There has been much speculation as to the purpose of her travel from a religious quest, a bible quest or just mentally ill. Here we have footage of her arguing with a group in a parking lot.

If you watch this BBC video in which they tried to get an interview towards the end they bring a few things to light. She recently lost both her husband and father and that this isn’t the first time she has gone on long walks according to her brother.

At any rate she seems to be raising awareness and bringing groups of people together to support her quest. We just aren’t 100% sure what that is.

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Ghost Filmed on Staircase of 16th Century Tudor Mansion

There has been footage released of a ghost filmed on a staircase of a 16th Century Tudor Mansion. The film was shot by a group of paranormal investigators who were researching at Stanley Palace in Chester.

The video shows a solid figure on the staircase with clearly identifiable marks in that you can see the head and hair on the figure. The ghost appears to look at the camera and then turn to go up the stairs.  It is said that the staircase which has a door underneath it is a place where a man once perished.

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Ghost Caught on CCTV at Romford Theatre

Has there been a ghost caught on CCTV at Romford Theatre in Essex? View the raw video footage below and see for yourself. The footage is somewhat blurry there appears to be a chair moving on it’s own. To me it looked more like an image of something appearing and then disappearing. There was a psychic medium on stage earlier in the night which even adds more to the mystery.

Do you think it’s a ghost that was caught on CCTV at Romford Theatre?

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UFO Spotted Over Toronto

Toronto Police have confirmed that they received a number of UFO reports Saturday night in the North York area. The video below was posted Saturday night to you tube and by the morning it had gone viral and now sits with over a million views.

The video was posted by Sarah Chun, 36, after she noticed a number of diagonal lights in the sky. The lights have been described as blinking pink, green and white and were spotted hovering in a diagonal line formation. The police have confirmed that the lights were not from any of their sources and no other organizations have come forward claiming to have a drone in the area.

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