The Mothman of Point Pleasant

One of the more popular unexplained mysteries of the modern era is The Mothman of Point Pleasant. The Mothman is a creature which was reported in Point Pleasant, West Virginia during the 1960’s. The Legend has been popularized in a number of books, movies and documentaries.

The Mothman of Point Pleasant Sightings

The first sighting of The Mothman occurred in 1966. A group of men who were digging a grave reported seeing a winged man type creature flying over the trees.  Shortly after the initial sighting a number of other sightings were reported. This would include a younger couple reporting seeing a creature with red eyes and wings. The creature was said to fly and follow their car as they drove. This occurred near an abandoned TNT factory. This led many to believe the creature was living in the abandoned factory and tunnels underneath.  Two volunteer fireman also reported seeing a large bird like creature with red eyes.

Silver Bridge Collapse

In 1967 The Silver Bridge collapsed over the Ohio River. The accident caused the death of 46 people. Some local residents began to associate the sighting of the creature as a bad omen, only appearing before a catastrophe. Others thought the creature was warning of the bridge collapse as sightings waned after the collapse.

2016 Sighting

On 20 November 2016 an unidentified man claimed to photograph The Mothman, He submitted a grainy photo to a local news station. The photo showed what appears to be a winged man flying above the tree line.

Mothman of Point Pleasant Sightings