Strange Asphalt Gray Creature Reported in Ohio

A resident of Mufon, Ohio reported back in December of 2014 of a strange creature that darted in front of his car on a dark road near Highland County.

The witness describes the creature as being 7′ tall with gray colored skin, muscular legs with knees that appeared to be backwards and no arms. The creature appeared to be leaned forwards as it ran into the woods. The witness sketched the creature when he arrived home.

From Highland County Press

Giant Hole at Worlds End

In a strange occurrence a helicopter crew in Russia has found a giant hole at Worlds End. The Worlds End is the name given to Yamal which is a peninsula in Russia. Yamal translates into the words “the end of the world”.

The hole is estimated to me 80m wide and has researchers stumped. The dark area around the edge of the hole indicates that a burning has taken place and has led to much speculation.  Among the ideas being floated around are weapons testing, alien landings and possible meteorites.

Giant Hole at Worlds End

If you want to read more or look at a series of still photos the original story was published in the Siberian Times.