Man on Moon Spotted on Google Earth

A video went viral this week after a you-tuber found what appears to be an image of man on the moon which was spotted on Google Earth. The video link below shows how to get there using Google Earth where you can see the shadowy figure yourself.

It’s not the first time that strange objects have been spotted on the moon. ┬áThere was a tower like structure spotted on a 1967 NASA image known as The Shard. This figure is somewhat similar.

If you read through the comments on you-tube there is much speculation about what size this object could be or how big the shadow itself is. NASA has since responded saying the object is most likely a scratch on the negative of the photo used.

UFO Spotted on Google Earth

Was a UFO flying over Trout Creek, Montana recently spotted on Google Earth? A user from Newfoundland certainly thinks so. He spotted the strange object in Google Earth and reported it to UFO Sightings Daily. Scott Waring of the site then posted the following video to You Tube which documents the discovery.

The video shows what appears to be an alien craft hovering in the air as well as an alien head sticking out of the craft. The video zooms in on the image and shows you the spotted alien itself.

Like any other video posted on-line there are concerns on the possibility of drones are possible flare created by digital lenses.