Ancient Tree Stump on Mars

Is there an ancient tree stump on Mars? The photo below certainly suggests so.  The image was taken by the NASA  Curiosity rover on March 25th.  A large number of people commenting on social media point out that the object is just a rock formation. Others point out that NASA themselves have theorized that there is a possibility of water on Mars and this could lead to plant life.

UFO Sighting in Arizona Desert 4/15/17

A UFO Sighting in the Arizona Desert 4/15/17 has gone viral on Facebook and social media. A Facebook user has detailed a UFO Sighting in the Arizona Desert and had published a number of photos of their experience. While news sources report that it was a meteor shower the person making the report states this event occurred prior to his recording.

Instead of detailing the entire event you can read it here on Facebook.


The 2016 Canadian UFO Survey

A Manitoba based group called UFOlogy released a report in March of 2017 detailing UFO Sightings from reports that stretch across Canada and the United States. The report is called the 2016 Canadian UFO Survey.

Some of the highlights of the report is the noted increase in sightings since 1989. In fact 2016 was the fifth straight year in a row where there were over 1,000 UFO sightings reported. They are reporting that there were 1,131 cases reported in 2016.

UFOlogy  cited cases that were directly reported to them, Canadian government agencies, Canadian civilian UFO organizations, and U.S. groups like Mutual UFO Network as well as  the National UFO Reporting Center.

The 2016 Canadian UFO Survey is available online in pdf format if you want to search through cases. There is also an Summary Report that goes along with the survey.

ufo photo

Retired Air Force officer claims he saw infamous UFO sighting

The New York Post recently ran an article interview with Steve Longero, a retired US Air Force Officer who stated that he witnessed the Rendlesham Forest incident in Suffolk, England in 1980.

The incident has been referred to Britain’s Roswell. A number of military personal have reported seeing an object hovering over trees during a three night period in December of 1980.

Retired Air Force officer claims he saw infamous UFO sighting
A retired US Air Force officer claims he had a close encounter in a British forest nearly four decades ago. Steve Longero revealed Monday that he was a witness to the infamous 1980 Rendlesham Forest incident in Suffolk, England — dubbed “Britain’s …
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As mentioned on the article Col. Charles Halt has recently published a book called The Halt Perspective which details the events that he witnessed in 1980. The book can be found on Amazon.

Mysterious Crop Circles Appear in Argentina

A strange set of crop circles have turned  up recently in Argentina. The circles turned up over night in the town of Carmen de Areco. There are 15 circles in total and all appear to be the same size. The Mayor has enlisted the help of Argentina’s UFO Study Commission which is a division of their air force. Samples have been taken but no word yet.