Time Anomaly in Las Vegas Desert

A time anomaly has been detected in the Las Vegas Desert. The original reports are referring to the time anomaly as  “time warp”.  The spot in question is just north of the city of Las Vegas  between I-15 and Route 93.

Time Anomaly in Las Vegas Desert

Joshua Warren is a paranormal researcher and has been measuring the rate of time in various areas around the Las Vegas desert. He has been working between the city and Area 51.  Last week he noticed a time anomaly.

He has been using a DT Meter which is a differential time rate meter. It is a sensor on a 100 ft cable that sends a signal back to the main. The rate of time for the signal to travel should be consistent. However, he found a place which he recorded a 20 microseconds difference.

A fluctuation in time should not happen and this leads him to wonder what is causing this. It is especially interesting when you consider that it is occurring in an area that is a popular UFO hot spot.

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