Pickwick Poltergeist Property for Rent

If you are interested in living with a ghost that has been described as “violent” in nature then there is something for you in Liverpool, England. The property known for the Pickwick Poltergeist is currently up for rent. Although other sources state it is for sale but maybe we are getting our lingo crossed.

The “significant paranormal activity” that former residents of the Pickwick Poltergeist house have experienced are believed to go back to the 1800s, with decades of reports of ghosts and hauntings, accompanied by the often violent nature of the poltergeist or ghost. mRead more on Inquisitr


Ghost Image Captured on CCTV at former Nazi Concentration Camp

A ghostly image has been captured on a security camera at a former Nazi Concentration Camp in the Czech Republic. The ghostly images passes by the camera and has been blamed for objects going missing as of late. The room which the image appears is closed to the public and no cleaning crews or any other staff has been in the room when the image was captured.

The 17th century castle was previously owned by the Schlick family who fought against Napoleon and his invading armies. The building was taken over by the Nazis in 1939 and used a concentration camp.


Three Ways To Call On Spirits and Ghosts

We are usually of the practice of laying sleeping dogs lie and this is especially true when in reference to Ghosts and Spirits.  For those of you that like poke the face of danger we found this short little article on ways to summon the spirits. There are more ways to call on ghosts and spirits then just using a ouija board. Below are three other ways to call on spirits that you might not have known about. Good luck!

Spooky Ways To Call On Ghosts & Spirits
Many believe that ghosts and spirits do not exist in this world. Do you believe in it too? If no, then there are some fun ways to call on ghosts. Though, this might also be a dangerous act to try out, it could be at the same time exciting to witness …
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c. 1920 Game Board

Ghost Hunter Stabs Himself at Villisca Ax Murder House

The owner of the famous Villisca Ax Murder House was left stunned after hearing that a paranormal investigator has stabbed himself while staying the night at the house. Martha Linn, 77, of Corning, Iowa states that nothing like this has ever happened before. Linn has reported that they have two tour guides that handle the overnight stays in the house and there has never been any incidents up until now. Authorities are still investigating.

The Villisca Axe Murders happened on June 9, 1912 in  Villisca, Iowa. Six members of the Moore family and two house guests were bludgeoned to death with an axe. The victims include six children.  The crime remains unsolved.

Villisca Ax Murder House


Ghost Filmed on Staircase of 16th Century Tudor Mansion

There has been footage released of a ghost filmed on a staircase of a 16th Century Tudor Mansion. The film was shot by a group of paranormal investigators who were researching at Stanley Palace in Chester.

The video shows a solid figure on the staircase with clearly identifiable marks in that you can see the head and hair on the figure. The ghost appears to look at the camera and then turn to go up the stairs.  It is said that the staircase which has a door underneath it is a place where a man once perished.


Ghost Caught on CCTV at Romford Theatre

Has there been a ghost caught on CCTV at Romford Theatre in Essex? View the raw video footage below and see for yourself. The footage is somewhat blurry there appears to be a chair moving on it’s own. To me it looked more like an image of something appearing and then disappearing. There was a psychic medium on stage earlier in the night which even adds more to the mystery.

Do you think it’s a ghost that was caught on CCTV at Romford Theatre?

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Creepy Photos Collection

Being a fan of ghosts and the paranormal in general I occasionally come across creepy photo collections online. The sad part is that in most cases you never get the full story of where the photos came from or what the story behind them is. If you know anything about the photos please feel free to leave a comment for us and the rest of the readers.

Still it’s interesting to pour through them and see if any of the photos sincerely creep you out. Here is a small collection I found recently that were stashed into a collection.

Creepy Photos Collection