Strange Lights Appear Over Japanese, U.S. Cities

Last week the world saw the appearance of two sets of strange lights over Japan and Wisconsin that were similar in nature.  The first appeared over Wisconsin on July 25th and was captured by of policeman on cell phone. The second a few days later was captured over Osaka, Japan.

The appearance led to speculation of everything from Chinese lanterns, UFO’s to an outright hoax. In the case of the Milwaukee sighting a parachute Army team came forward and stated it was them that caused the strange lights. They were wearing flares on the feet.

There has been no word as of yet on what may have caused the lights over Osaka.

UK ISS Watchers Report Strange Lights

Two news stories have recently surfaced regarding night sky watchers trying to catch of glimpse of ISS and instead reporting strange lights. Both reports are from star gazers located in the UK.

On May 5th a couple were trying to view the International Space Station when they were distracted by a strange light. They were able to find ISS but also spotted a light in the sky they could not explain.

“I was looking for the ISS with my husband and thought that the light I could see was the space station, but then it started moving in different directions,” wife Gail Phillips told Lincolnshire Echo, a local daily.  Source

In another case paranormal investigator Gavin Davies has taken to Facebook to find help in explaining strange lights he also witnessed. He was also trying to locate ISS in the sky and could have witnessed the same phenomena that the Phillips reported.

In both cases there are no videos or photos to share with you that we could find. The following photo is for illustrative purposes only.


Strange Lights in West Midlands Skies, UK

A 35 year old woman has recorded strange lights over her house with her phone. She recorded approximately 40 minutes of the lights hovering our her house and she can not offer any explanation as to what they might be. You can see from the video below the lights are not there in the daytime so one can rule out street lights or any other permanent fixture.

The mother of three was quoted this in regards to her experience:

“I was painting upstairs then went to the back door for a cig. I looked up and there were these shapes, like orbs, in the sky. I looked up and there were these shapes, like orbs, in the sky. They didn’t look like stars, or planes or helicopters, they were just hanging there. I thought I’d had a few too many rum and cokes! Source:  Birmingham Mail